Zero City MOD APK Free Download for Android

Zero City Mod Apk refers to the title of Zero City: Zombie Shelter Survival by BEINGAME LIMITED. Zero City is a simulation that draws inspiration from zombie TV shows and movies like The Walking Dead. It has been voted 4.7 stars by users and ranked in the top 10 Google Play games in July 2019.

This game is a story-driven adventure that captures the attention of players. It also has single and multiple game modes allowing players to play in their way or with a team. Let’s find out what the game is all about and how it can be used to attract more players.


The game opens with an experimental laboratory spreading a bioengineering virus around the globe. The experimental virus transforms the population into zombies before transforming into another type and infecting even more. There are many types of zombies. There are many types of zombies. Some are simply walking corpses, while others possess intelligence and superhuman strength. A leader will emerge from the rest of the zombies, who will be highly skilled.

Zero City MOD APK

Master is the leader of this zombie army. He is a cunning warrior who leads them to human Shelters. Unfortunately, the Shelter’s leader was killed in a zombie attack, and many survivors were left in chaos. The survivors are now confused and scared, so the player is chosen to become their leader. The player now needs to plan a defense strategy against any possible attack by zombies. This is where your game begins.


It is as simple in gameplay as any other simulation game. You buy stuff, create a team, and plan for the fight against the zombie army. The fight will then take place in an empty environment. The enemy will be defeated until the end when the player collides with it. If the player is having difficulty, they can get assistance. You can, for example, call an airstrike to help you or heal your units.

As the main source of immersion, the Shelter is crucial to the gameplay. You will need to coordinate with your troops, lieutenants, and doctors as you work to complete various tasks. The game increases the difficulty by asking you to escape Zombies and go outside the Shelter to take over the city.

Zero City MOD APK Free Download

You can also send a part of your team to do extraordinary rescues or missions. You will mainly purchase certain items and manage food storage. Finally, you can manage the refuge and finish the storyline that spans several cities where all of them have turned into zombies.

Features of Zero City APK

Construct the Refuge and manage it

It is important to create and improve rooms for defense. You can ask workers to build shelters that are sturdy and durable. Players will need shelter to protect themselves during the break between combats. You must focus on improving the refugee camps to be more secure and efficient. This will allow you to help more survivors.

You must upgrade the Shelter with many resources such as wood, food, reagents, and cash. In addition, you must be hardworking to complete missions, defeat other players, and open chests.

Increase the Number of Dwellers

You must engage survivors in work to maintain their survival rate and develop more dwellers. Players will also teach them innovative skills that can help improve their situation. You also allow them to review the knowledge that they have gained. Training dwellers is essential if you want your children to use weapons and other equipment more effectively.

Choose Equipment

You need to have useful weapons to fight the zombie attack. The players can make their weapons and equipment. Your team will face every challenge along with the New World. You’ll be leading them to use all the arsenal available to survive. Your team will be facing a hundred zombie fanatics or mutants.

Interesting Monetizing

Zero City can be monetized by video ads, premium passes, and in-game bundles. For example, you will have the option to watch video ads to replenish your food when you run out of food. You can also watch ads to earn character cards and crates or skip your dweller training sessions.

There are many special offers and crypto coins for those willing to spend money. These coins can be used to accelerate training and construction and even buy food and cash.

Premium passes are the last option. They can be used for between 15 and 30 days. It also offers many benefits to increasing productivity.

Zero City MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Coins) – Free Download for Android – FAQ

1. What is Zero City MOD APK?

Zero City MOD APK is a modified version of the original Zero City game for Android devices. It offers unlimited money and coins, allowing players to enjoy the game without worrying about in-game currency limitations.

2. How do I download Zero City MOD APK?

You can download Zero City MOD APK for free from various online sources that provide modified APK files. However, it’s important to be cautious and only downloads from trusted websites to ensure the safety of your device.

Zero City MOD APK Download

3. Is it safe to use Zero City MOD APK?

While Zero City MOD APK may provide additional benefits, it’s essential to exercise caution when downloading and using modified APK files. There’s a risk of downloading malicious software or compromising the security of your device. Make sure to use reputable sources and consider the potential risks before installing any modded APK.

4. What features does Zero City MOD APK offer?

Zero City MOD APK typically offers unlimited money and coins, allowing players to access premium in-game items, upgrades, and resources without any financial constraints. This can enhance the gameplay experience by removing the need to grind for resources.

5. Can I use Zero City MOD APK to cheat?

While Zero City MOD APK does provide advantages like unlimited money and coins, it’s important to note that using such mods can be considered cheating and may violate the terms of service of the game. Additionally, using mods can lead to imbalances in the game and impact the experience of other players.

6. Will using Zero City MOD APK affect my device or account?

There’s a risk that using modded APK files can lead to security vulnerabilities or compatibility issues on your device. Furthermore, some games have mechanisms in place to detect and penalize users who use unauthorized mods, which could result in account suspensions or bans.

7. Can I update Zero City MOD APK?

Updating a modded APK can be more complicated than updating the official version of the game. You may need to search for updated modded APKs from reliable sources whenever a new game update is released. Be cautious during this process to avoid downloading harmful files.

8. Are there alternatives to using Zero City MOD APK for unlimited resources?

Instead of using modded APKs, consider exploring legitimate in-app purchases or playing the game in its original form. Many games offer ways to earn resources through gameplay, and supporting game developers through legal purchases helps ensure the sustainability of the game.

9. How can I protect my device while using mods?

To protect your device, only download modded APKs from trusted sources. Consider using reputable antivirus software to scan files before installation. Additionally, be aware of the potential risks and make an informed decision before using any mods.

10. Is Zero City MOD APK available for iOS devices?

Zero City MOD APKs are typically developed for Android devices. If you’re using an iOS device, it’s important to note that installing modded APKs on iOS can be more complex and may require jailbreaking, which can void warranties and compromise security.


Zero City is a great choice if you enjoy this simulation game. You will be immersed in a fun and engaging atmosphere. It is not the most beautiful game, but it is simple to learn and provides a rewarding experience.

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