Stickman Falling MOD APK Download Free

Stickman Falling MOD APK is an addictive stickman racing simulation game. The goal isn’t to win or live but to die the most memorable death experience ever. It’s a lot of fun, but it is also quite violent. If you’re able to stand these violent scenes, Let’s race!


In the game Stickman Falling, you will be a stickman (there are three different stickman models available) driving your vehicle on roads that are filled with dangers. The goal is to destroy the stickman to the maximum extent possible.

The difficulties you encounter before you are your chance of earning rewards. Don’t hesitate to take on them because the more stress your stickman goes through, the more bonus points you’ll accumulate. You can then unlock even new cool cars and tools.

Features of Stickman Falling Mod APK

Stickman Falling MOD APK

Race to the top drops and also deaths

Stickman games are usually boring because people think they are easy and boring. However, not all of them are as simple and boring. There are certain stickman games that, when you’ve played, you’ll keep forever in your mind, but the game’s gameplay and operation are quite simple. The game Stickman Falling is one of them.

Racing will begin to

You’ve played various racing games, but none as good as Stickman Falling. It’s completely unexpected and unpredictable. As the stickman, you use a motorbike or other vehicle without a vehicle. Afterward, you speed off like a madman down the cliffs and fall into the treacherous pitfalls below.

In this game, the purpose of racing or descending the slope is not to find a way to live and survive but rather to find a way to end up in. It’s a bit bizarre, isn’t it? You must use your imagination, select the most hazardous positions and smash them as violently as possible. The objective is to get out into the open and fall as deep as possible. It’s crazy, but you must strive to achieve the most painful, horrible death. The riskier the pain, and more bonus points you will earn.

Stickman Falling MOD APK Download

Stickman Falling has 14 levels, three characters of the stickman, and nine kinds of vehicles that provide a lot of entertainment. You can play the game without limitations or pressure, and there is no competition. You are only immersed in falling into endless space with endless pitfalls that allow you to feel at ease.

Each level is broken down into several sub-levels. Each level has a unique style and features traps such as Shark Jaws, Hole, Spinning Road, Hourglass, Saw Hole, Two Stairs, and Arrow Valley… The rewards are greater when traps are more dangerous.

To score many points, you’ll need to choose the best drop and estimate how many you’re likely to be injured. Think about and select the points to find the least painful one, and you’ll score many points.

The game is not suitable for youngsters

Yes! Even though it’s the image of a stickman and a simple graphic style, Stickman Falling is so beautiful. The wildly varied gameplay and bizarre goals have attracted a lot to this game. This is the reason Stickman Falling is not an ideal game for all players.

A myriad of bloody scenes can be triggered for many different reasons: being attacked by sharks, getting wounded by arrows that are full of and falling into a blast hole, or sliding down an underground tunnel… These scenes aren’t scary due to the minimal stickman-based character design. However, they do give the viewer goosebumps. This is certainly not for children or people who are scared of blood.

Sound and graphics

Stickman Falling MOD APK Download

The game’s graphics are simple, with natural, harmonious colors and crisp lines. Its music is an effective job of generating enthusiasm in players. In terms of the visuals and the music, Stickman Falling does a fantastic job, even though it’s just a basic technique. The game is an excellent illustration of how entertaining a game doesn’t need to be over-produced. With just a single idea and the ability to express it, the game can quickly attract several players on its own.

How to install Stickman Falling MOD APK v2.43 (Unlimited Money) Download Free APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Stickman Falling MOD APK v2.43 (Unlimited Money) Download Free APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

4. No need to worry about Google Play Warning because we use all these apps before uploading them, so these are 100% safe.

5. If the app is not working, then uninstall the original version first and again download the mod.


There’s not much trouble with Stickman Falling. It is easy to feel at ease when you play. Stickman Falling will alleviate your stress quite a bit if you’re experiencing stress and anxiety.

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